My name is Mark Serrels and I’m stuck in church. After marrying a Seventh-Day Adventist, and inheriting a Pastor for a Father in-law, I’ve somehow been roped into going to church every week.

Which would be fine… if I believed a single word of it!

I write, as a non-Christian, about my experiences with Christian and Seventh-Day Adventist life in this blog. I’ve found that Christians and Atheists are often a little ignorant and disrespectful of each others beliefs – I’d like this blog to be a place where people can talk about their beliefs and debate freely without fear!

Then we can all engage in an awkward group hug that lasts a little too long and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

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  1. I love it!
    Looking forward to hear more.

  2. Enjoying your take on things so far.

    Also, please advise as to how I might obtain one of those giant burgers as soon as possible.

  3. Debates between Atheists and Believers sound OK, however in reality they can be a waste of time.

    I shall illustrate it with one of my experiences on a secular Group “Newstalkback”. This is a regenerated group from the now defunct MSN Groups. There, it was known as “Nomads of Chit Chat” and was an Australian based group. It did not have a separate topic for religion, but that subject was discussed. As an Atheist I copped the usual abuse from the Christians. I lost touch with “Nomads” until I saw a reply on an Atheist Group regarding a picture I had posted on “Nomads” at the Sydney Town Hall Organ circa 1964. A member there had saved this pic on his computer. He is an organist in New Zealand.

    I saw the post on “Newstalkback” and noticed many members I know from “Nomads” were there. I also saw a Topic: “Religion” so I decided to ‘preach’ the Atheist doctrine. Well, of course the Christians went ballistic and accused me of everything and wanted me burning in the fires of the Hell the think exists. I got fed up and decided “debating” with brain dead Christians was a waste of time, so I posted my last thread:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I quit arguing Theology

    The problem is that there is no way of “Believers” and non believers coming to some reasonable understanding. As soon as Atheists apprear on the scene Christians go ballistic. They brand Atheists with every conceivable accusation and wish them banished to the fires of the Hell they claim exists.

    Christians base their beliefs on some ancient book that makes silly claims about a “Creator/God”. Atheists say there is no logical proof for this “God” and Christians claim there is with alleged evidence that would not be acceptable in a court of Law.

    This is why Atheists are coming out in the open and holding conventions like the GAC i went to in Melbourne. All we want to do is claim our rights not to “believe” and that to be respected. We don’want to hear remarks like the one President George “Daddy” Bush made about Atheists not being fit to be US citizens.

    I was a member of “Nomads of Chit Chat” discussions about Religions were almost taboo there. There was no thread devoted to Religion. I was quite surprised to find one here, especially as many of the members and mods are former members of “Nomads”.

    I will never concede defeat. I am just fed up with the reaction to Atheists.

    Of course I got the usual comments of which these are two:

    It wasn’t taboo on Nomads. It was just tat you bored nthe pants off everyone with your anti -religion fanatacism.

    As for labelling Athiests anything, you should read through these threads here and see who are the accusers. (C&P with Typos)

    And this from a member who goes under the handle of “Apostle” and, althought he does not give his location he seems to be in the United Christian States of America. He is non-demoninational, but attends a Baptist Church and claims a very good knowledge of the Bible:


    eccles hates religion because it’s intolerant…AND NO FORM OF INTOLERANCE SHOULD EVER BE TOLERATED!!!

    …..er…..wait…Where did I put my ‘IRONY’ stick..?

    But seriously eccles, if you are going to bitch just because someone doesn’t agree with you, you should consider starting a blog. You have no buisness being on a discussion board if you are going to cry ‘foul’ every time someone disagrees with you. Discussions presuppose different views, stop being a crybaby grow up and deal with it.

    The ‘venerable” Apostle believes in Genesis, and Noah’s Flood. I pointed out that the latest reported “discovery” of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat was been admitted to as a hoax. He still won’t concede that the Flood story is a myth.

    He signs with:
    Philosophers of the caliber of Nietzsche made the effort to understand what animates genuine religious belief…These days, their philosophical acumen has been replaced by cheap jokes about the sexuality of nuns and priests.
    How profound.

    So I will not post any more on that Religion Topic on that Group. It is a waste of time. The “Believers” there have been poisoned by Christianity.

    • Hi Robert

      You know Christians are actually advised to not waste time talking to people such as Athiests.(It is written do not throw pearls to pigs) In fact I can’t understandwhy they feel so threatend. Makes you wonder wether they are standing up for a doctrine instead of sharing a message of love. Jesus commisioned us to share and teach the gospel. We cannnot force you to accept Christ as your Saviour, the decision is yours alone.

      Question: Would Athiests have as much popularity as they do now if “Christians” did not argue with them?

      One other thing, before you start preaching on your athiestic beliefs, remember one day you will be accountable for every idle word you speak.

      God Bless


  4. Two words come to mind. “UNEQUALLY YOKED”

    • another word comes to mind judgemental

  5. Hi Mark

    I am praying for you. I am not going to even bother reading the rest of the posts on this website. I think if you were in front of Jesus trying to tell him your exact motive for this website, you would be rather ashamed. Instead of claiming to be stuck in church, why not seek a relationship with Christ. Sure many Christians are self centered, and we are warned about that in the message to the Ladocians. I was bought up an SDA, left the church, did drugs, sold my soul to Satan, practiced witchcraft ect. Then the Holy Spirit sent me not 1, but 2 Spiritual convictions.
    I am praying that the Lord send you a Spiritual conviction that will open your heart to yearn for Jesus and I hope that you will let him into your heart. He can use in a positive way and most of all HE love you very much
    God Bless

  6. Hey Mark,

    You haven’t sold your soul to Satan, have you? I know that you don’t believe in the supernatural, but you are obviously still a Satanist because you don’t believe in God….right?

    All joking aside, I really do love the blog, although I’ve never heard of the SDA beliefs before. This sounds like an interesting little adventure for you. Unfortunately, I just hope that this won’t destroy your marriage, because it is very easy for the either of you to get upset in a situation like this.

    You might get that a lot, but your posts are very funny and I look forward to reading more of them! Thanks.

  7. Hey Mark
    Great blog, really enjoy your writing.
    Personally, I think it’s a great adventure you two will be going on and I’ll look forward to reading more of it 🙂
    Good luck!

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