Posted by: serrels | July 1, 2010

The Burning Question #3

Hey dudes. I thought I’d chuck up a quick question for you guys, which was inspired by a series of videos I started watching.

It’s a debate on a single topic: Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world?

The debate was held between Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry versus Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop  John Onaiyekan. The former being against the notion that the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world.

It’s an interesting question, and I’d like to know what you guys think. I’ve posted one of the videos below for you guys to have a look at. Let’s hear what you have to say below and, as always, keep it clean people!

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  1. In my past experience as a Roman Catholic, my answer is NO. It’s past record with the Holy Inquisition is proof of the evil of that sordid institution. And remember that the Holy Office still exists under a new name, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Herr Papst Ratslinger is the immediate past Cardinal Prefect. The latest news is the “His Holeyness” wants to re-Christianize Europe and has formed a new Office for the task.

    Christopher Hitchens is right “Religion Poisons Everything”. I have my own saying now: “Religion is a mental health hazard”. I am a bedraggled refugee from the “Holey” Roman Catholic Church and thank ‘no-god’ that I am now Atheist.

  2. Stephen fry is inhumanly well composed. It’s hard not to envy his eloquence.

    I agree with his sentiments completely, I was surprised he voiced a respect for an individual’s beliefs and faith, seems like a fairly stark contrast to Hitchens’ stay-the-%&^*-away-from-my-kids approach.

  3. No organization whose express purpose is to return modern society to the Dark Ages can be good for humanity. No organization that demonstrates its moral bankruptcy by refusing to take its clear responsibility for wilfully hiding heinous crimes against children yet claims a moral high ground can be good for humanity. No organization that outrightlies by claiming condoms increase the spread of AIDS, thereby being culpablie for the deaths of millions in AIDS striken Africa can be good for humanity. No organization which denies the reproductive rights of women, even in the case of rape, can be good for humanity. No organization that institutionalizes mysogyny can be good for humanity. No organization that seeks to control every aspect of its believers’ lives through threat of eternal punishment can be good for humanity. No organization that discriminates against homosexuals or blames the problems of the world on us atheists without acknowledging that they themselves are a major problem can be good for humanity.

    Screw the Vatican.

    I saw this debate some time ago. Widdecombe and Onaiyekan were way out of their league and were soundly demolished. But then, they had the impossible task of defending an untennable position. Serves them right for supporting such an immoral institution.

  4. No

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