Posted by: serrels | May 8, 2010

Bringing Home The Bacon

I went to church today, and got into a really long (and fun) discussion trying to convince everyone that bacon is awesome, and gluten steaks are disgusting. I was thinking about using this discussion as a springboard for an epic post regarding religious attitudes towards certain types of food (i.e. clean food, unclean food, etc) but instead I’m just going to post this.

Bacon is the food of Kings! SDA Christians, please do not pass up on the chance to indulge in this delicious meat!

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  1. Coming from my basic belief that Christ came to set us free….truly free…and that the only reason we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do anything is if we have others and our welfare in mind and it would harm one of us…AND my personal concern about how animals are handled…….sooo, anyway, otherwise, I think basically ‘to each his own”!!

    • Nah, you’re totally right Jenny – agree with a lot of what you’ve said here! And I think it’s awesome that you made that choice for those reasons.

  2. 20 Awesome things about bacon: 1. “More than two billion pounds of bacon is produced in the US each year”……..that should say enough about how we are mass producing meat products and treating animals, it is impossible to treat them humanely when there is this kind of demand for their flesh. That’s enough reason for me to never again let meat pass my lips or enter my kitchen!

    • Hear hear sister!

  3. What about bacon flavoured gluten steaks! Next church lunch? Watch how fast they disapear!

  4. i quite enjoy ‘FakIN’ sanitarium bacon strips…

  5. Nutritionists with no other axe to grind are pretty much in agreement that there’s not a whole lot of good for the human system in eating bacon….. Since what nutritionists say (and know) about what’s good and bad for the human race (as only one part of the larger scientific community whose hard-earned insights are routinely ignored) impact little on behaviour I am really only including this element for contrast (see fence-sitting post later in this blog).

  6. Yeah, I don’t think I could really argue that Bacon is good for you. I eat it when going to restaurants every now and then, but to be honest even before I met my wife I didn’t eat it that often! Truth is, I much prefer chicken!

  7. I think it very much depends on who cooks the gluten stakes… my mums are really good and sometimes i crave them more than meat. My point is that good veggie food depend on the chef methinks!

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